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Coirtex Pretoria

At Garden Bleu Home, we offer a wide range of Coirtex natural fiber carpets. We are proud to be their agent and invite you to visit our showroom to view our collection. Whether you are looking for wall to wall carpets, custom sizes, or pre-made carpets, we have them all in stock.

If you are in the Gauteng region and would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the box below and we will be in touch to confirm the details. We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect natural fiber carpet for your home.


Natural Fiber Carpet

Coir is made out of coconut fibre and is one of the most versatile materials ever extracted from Mother nature, the husks contain elastic and extremely strong fibers. These husks are harvested and soaked for many months, and then beaten, washed and dried. Finally, the fibers are spun into yarn. The natural colour of coir is golden brown to reddish brown and is suited for rustic environments. Coir fibre is 100 % organic, biodegradable, ethnic and hygienic. It is hard and strong, resistant to rot, moulds and moisture.

There is also an aesthetic aspect associated with coir, making it a perfect decorative natural carpeting material. It is a fashion statement as a popular decor accessory in homes and in commercial areas. More importantly unlike synthetic rugs and carpeting, coir rugs and carpeting give ones feet the right warmth in winter and cool feel in summer. Coir carpets can be fitted into any area of your home including kitchens and bathrooms, and is a very durable hard wearing floor covering.

Our Coir comes in three different weaves; Boucle, Herringbone and Panama. Coir has a special place in our heart as this is what our business started out with. Coir rugs and carpets are latex backed and does not mind being washed with water.


Natural Fiber Carpet


Our Hemp carpets are made from 100% imported fabrics. Warm and cosy underfoot, hemp is rustic and charming and as pure as the hemp itself. Hemp is the softest of all the natural products and is the perfect carpet to be installed into bedrooms or custom made for TV rooms and lounge areas. Hemps lifespan in a high traffic area should be about 5 years. We stock hemp in a boucle; panama and herringbone weave. Hemp will have colour variations, weaving irregularities, loose knots and tufts due to the fibre being natural and seasonal growing conditions. These qualities are normal.

Natural Fiber Carpet

Sisal is made from the leaf of an Agave plant which is family to the cactus plant. Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers. The fibers are extracted by crushing the pulpy leaf, washed, dried and graded before being spun into yarn. Sisal is well known for the great durability of its yarns and does not build up static nor trap dust. The natural colour of Sisal is an off white and thus all Sisals are dyed with vegetable dyes.

Sisal carpets and wall coverings have been widely used for decades thus still making it a perfect rug in your home or installing it wall to wall. Our range of Sisal is the biggest in our collection with various colours and weaves. Depending on the weave some sisal will feel a lot softer under foot than others. Sisal is recommended for any area in your home, except bathrooms and kitchens; reason being sisal will shrink with lots of water being put on it. Spot removal involves the use of a dry cleaning powder. The life span of sisal is easily 8 years from a durability point of view.

We install our Sisal on 1000 grams of under felt, fitting takes place like any conventional carpet.



Natural Fiber Carpet


Grown and produced in the paddy fields of China, which are flooded with seawater during crop season, our Seagrass carpets are an entirely natural product. The seagrass is collected by hand and sundried, then spun into cords which are woven into the designs used for our floor coverings. As a carpet, seagrass is smooth and shiny, and can therefore be used in lots of different places around your home. Because it has a sometimes slippery surface, we do not recommend using it to cover your stairways. While seagrass is said to reduce noise, it is not the softest to walk on simply because of its texture. At Coirtex, we install Seagrass as a wall to wall covering and create custom made rugs. We stock our seagrass in a 4m wide roll form with a wide latex back. Because it is a Chinese product, it has a sponge latex which decreases the price in comparison to that of Sisal, Coir and Jute/Hemp. We also offer seagrass in a square form 30cm x 30cm (estimated) and this can be made into any size in multiples of 30cm. This option cannot be fitted wall to wall.

Natural Fiber Carpet

Our Border Collection offers you an illustration of some of the borders and edging we offer at Coirtex. It showcases our superior finishes with all four of our corners being mitred.nAll our borders can be done in 3cm or 5cm thickness on the top of the rug. Please note that Border dye batches will vary from time to time. Our leather borders can be done with a maximum of +- 8cm on top. Leather Borders can be ordered to the colour of your choice and subject to hide prices at the time of purchase. One of our latest trends is to go borderless which we call ‘Tucking’. Tucking provides a seamless and chic finish, but due to the labour required to achieve this look, it carries an extra charge.

Coirtex Pretoria


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